Is your business in difficulty? Are you thinking if only I could wipe the slate clean and start again?

A Brighter, Better Future In Three Months

You are just three steps away from turning your life around, we’ve already helped over 600 business owners this year, and we can help you too. Everybody deserves a second chance.

Attention Business Owners

If you are reading this, you are likely going through a difficult time with your business. 

We understand how stressful this can be and the pressure you’re under.

We can help you get out of this situation. Our simple, proven three-step plan is self-funding, meaning it pays for itself and has helped hundreds of other business owners to turn things around. It has worked for them. It can work for you.

Do any of these statements apply to you and your situation:

You have a business that’s in financial difficulty? Your thinking, “if only I could wipe the slate clean and start again”

You feel stressed out all the time and under pressure?

Your home and social life is suffering because of your business problems?

You worry about every letter that comes through the door, and don’t want to open them.

Are you avoiding calls?

Are creditors and loan companies threatening you, telling you they will take you to court, send bailiffs in, and you must pay or else?

Is it hard to think clearly and find a way out of this mess?

Do you feel paralysed because it’s all getting too much?

Is time running out?

Do you wish you could wake up and start again without the debt, the worry and all the stuff that’s holding you back?

Do you wish for the opportunity to use all the knowledge and experience you’ve now gained to avoid past mistakes and focus on the good stuff you know works, the chance to do it better this time. 

This is what our self-funded action plan does; it provides you with a pathway to a second chance.

A Self-Funded Plan That Has Helped Over 600 Business Owners Create A Better Life For Themselves

To close a business properly requires an Insolvency Practitioner; this is a legal requirement. However, if done through a CVL Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation – this brings an end to the company, and once closed, any debits that have no personal guarantees go down with the now-closed company, and the chasing from creditors on those debts stops for good. 

Closing Your Business

We speak to business owners every day who have come to the difficult decision that they need to close their business as it is just not working, often because of circumstances they had no control over. 

For some, this may mean closing the old company, escaping from the burden of loans, debts and inadequate contractual arrangements, and starting fresh with a new business. With the realistic prospect that the new business can succeed with a second chance to get it right.

But to close a business in this way costs upwards of £5K-£6K. If you wish to Pheonix a new business from the old, you will most likely need some money for that too. There may be assets you want to transfer from the old company to the new one and other costs that need to be covered to get the latest business up and running.

What our service will do for you:

1) Stops the harassment your getting right now from creditors chasing you for the money you don’t have and puts an end to the calls and letters that are stressing you out right now.

2) Directs you on how to build up your war chest, a pot of money to pay for the CVL (the closure of your old company) and our fees, with money left over for your new business.

3) It allows you to close the old business in the right way using an Insolvency Practitioner funded by step 2. You are now free of all the debts, worries and problems with the old company; it’s gone.

Step One

Stop The Noise

We manage all the correspondence from creditors chasing you for payment. We will communicate with them and handle the calls, letters, and threats.

So, no more concerns every time a letter comes through the door, no more worrying about a call from a number you don’t recognise and most importantly, you can focus on what’s essential, moving forward.

Step Two

Build Your War Chest

We have a team of 35 negotiators, experts in dealing with all types of creditors.

  • Banks & Loan Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Landlords
  • Suppliers
  • HMRC
  • Councils
  • And others chasing you for the money you don’t have.

Our team will work with you to identify the people you want and need to pay to keep the existing business running (staff and critical suppliers).

We will handle your creditors to buy you the 1-3 months needed to build up the necessary cash required for a CVL to close your old company and move your business into a new company.

Step Three

Close The Old, Open The New

Over a short few months, the great work done by our negotiators should have bought you the time needed to build a nice healthy pot of cash. It is now time to instruct the Insolvency Practice to close the old business.

During the cash build-up period, we will have used this time also to help you prepare for the start of your new business, paving the way for as seamless a transition as possible from the old company to the new one.

You are up and running now. Finally, the old business closed free of all the debts, worries and baggage holding it back.

You’re in a much better place now, and things look a lot better; you are now on your way to a better life in as little as three months!

Note about Personal Guarantees

If you have creditors where you have signed personal guarantees, you can not just walk away from these debts. For these, our team will work with you in an effort to secure a more advantageous arrangement for you.

This could be by reducing the overall debt you have to pay, reducing the monthly repayments to something more manageable or a combination of the two.

Jim's Story

As an IT solutions business, we were doing well until Covid; then, by the time we came out of the pandemic, our business was half the business it used to be. So to get by during that difficult time, we borrowed to keep going, thinking once we got out of Covid, we would do all right again. But it didn’t work out that way.

Now I was getting chased all the time by creditors. It got me so stressed out I couldn’t think straight. Finally, things got terrible; my home life suffered my health too; I contacted wedo accounting.

They were really helpful and professional. It made sense what they were saying about using a CVL to close the business but £6K!!! I didn’t have £600.

They then told me of the three-stage plan they use to self-fund the CVL and build up money to help with the new business,

It sounded great

I was getting a lot of heat from people I owed money to, so getting this to stop sounded good for starters.

The idea of reducing the businesses outgoings to build cash also made sense.

It seemed like a no-brainer, so I told them, ‘Let’s do it’. Getting started was easy, and I couldn’t believe it. Once they took over my creditors, all that noise and nonsense stopped; I felt like a different person, like a huge weight, had been lifted off my shoulders.

I could also think clearly at last and felt so much happier.

Their service allowed me to build up some valuable cash. I got together £10K in a couple of months; easily enough to pay for the CVL. Suddenly everything looked better. 

I can’t believe the transformation in such a short space of time. My only regret is not finding these guys earlier and doing this sooner. If you’re in anything like the trouble I was in with debts, creditors, pressure and stress and want it to stop, my advice would be to do this. It will change your life.

With the help of wedo accounting have now started the new business. We are doing well; I got my second chance.

Everything feels so different, better. With all the baggage of the old business gone and using what I learnt running the old company, I am doing things better this time; if you were to ask me how I feel, I would tell you honestly, for the first time in a long time I now feel optimistic about the future.

I tell you, if you’re in a mess like I was, then do this; it works!

A Brighter, Better Future In Three Months

You are just three steps away from turning your life around, we’ve already helped over 600 business owners this year, and we can help you too. Everybody deserves a second chance.