Attention Insolvency Practices

More Fees Better Rates

wedo is an innovative, successful accountancy business that partners with Insolvency Practices.

What we offer is a solution that helps solve two of the key problems that often stop an insolvency proceeding.

  1. Enquiries that don’t progress due to the prospects clients inability to find the upfront fees.
  2. Losing out to other practices prepared to do the work for less.

Our service helps increase enquiry conversions by 30%-50% whilst allowing you to charge a premium rate for your work.k

How we got here

We started a new strategy to win more accountancy clients a few months ago. It involved running marketing campaigns directed at businesses that were in trouble.

The logic was simple, help the business owner close their failing business and Pheonix into a new business with the proviso that we would be their accountant for the new company.

We are very good at marketing, and the campaigns we ran did very well, generating a lot of enquiries, the ones that qualified we passed then passed to an insolvency partners that carried out the CVL.

The main issue we encountered was that for every 100 enquiries we talked to, only 10-15 had the money to pay for the CVL.

We needed to do a re-think, so we stopped the campaigns while we worked on fixing this poor conversion issue.

Our creditor management service

Like many great ideas, our plan to help business owners is simple.

Step One – The business owners engage in our creditor management service.

We have a well-trained and highly experienced team. Once a client instructs us and we have their caseload of creditors, the team get to work to negotiate and manage their creditors to reduce the business’s monthly outgoings significantly. 

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and a considerable history of previous resolutions to draw from covering banks, loan companies, utilities, suppliers, HMRC, landlords and many other types of creditors. 

Usually, within 1-3 months, through our team’s efforts, we have enabled the business owner to save on outgoings and therefore build up the money they need to pay for the CVL.

Step Two – Our accountancy team is working with the business owner to ensure a smooth transition to get the new company up and running. This may include negotiations with critical suppliers, essential service providers and relationships, staff, and lease companies. We put together a complete transition plan and then support them every step of the way, from the formation of the new company to the first day of opening and beyond.

Step Three – We package the CVL, collecting all the information the insolvency practice needs to assess and then price the CVL. Once the client accepts the price, the Insolvency practice takes over and handles the closure of the old business.

It has been incredibly successful

Having tested our new service and got it running like clockwork, we then re-started our ‘Second Chance’ marketing campaigns.

In the first month, we received 49 enquiries and converted 38 are now on our Second Chance program a 77% conversion ratre!

Previously we would have lost at least 27 of these due to the business owner not having the money to pay for their CVL. Now they have a way to move forward, our Creditor Management Plan, offering them a way to get to the closing of a failing business.

So It Got Us Thinking

This could be great for Insolvency Practices too. So we contacted the practices we partnered with and explained our idea. They loved it, and they loved it so much we thought you might too.

How It Works

For any enquiries you get that you cannot convert because the client can’t afford to pay for the CVL right now, you can introduce them to us to discus a possible solution.

All you have to do then is pop their details on a dedicated Google tracking sheet we set up for you, and we will do all the rest.

At any time, you can check your tracking sheet that shows the progress of all the enquiries you send to us; of course, you can contact your dedicated account manager at any time.

Once we have worked our magic (usually within three months of starting), we will contact you and hand over the case back over to you to price, after which the business owner who now has the funds for the CVL will pay for the CVL and you can then take over from there.

The Benefits For You The Insolvency Practice

More Fees - Our service will help you convert far more enquiries; our experience has been that practices convert up to 50% more enquiries without extra effort.

Higher Fees - What our service does is it takes away the pressure on fees. As we help the business owner build up the funds for the CVL, they tend to accept your fee without question, so none of that negotiation, the client saying they will see what others are offering, or they disappear after saying they will think about it.

Quicker Conversions - Often, if the business owner can't afford the CVL, it can take months for them to raise the money. Our service converts in 1-3 months. Plus, it avoids the possibility of the enquiry going to a competitor.

Saves Time - We do all the work; once you pass over an enquiry, we will contact them and continue to be in contact while we work to get them signed up and work towards raising the money for their CVL.

It is Easy - Add the enquiry to your tracking sheet, and we will do all the rest until they have the money for the CVL, and then we will hand the case back to you.

The Benefits For The Client

They Can Breathe Again - One of the things that came as a complete surprise was the reaction from clients after we took over the management of their creditors. Suddenly all the pressure, stress, and worry they experienced from creditors hassling them and chasing them goes. So many have said it was amazing one-day madness; next, it all went away, and I can breathe again!

It is the right thing to do - As you know, a business should cease trading once it becomes insolvent, but as you also know, many will continue, often making matters worse; sometimes, this is a consequence of not having the money for the CVL. Now with our service, we offer a quick route to doing what's right and getting the insolvent business closed.

Money to close & start again - The objective of the service is to help the business owner raise the money needed to close the business.


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